5 Outcomes to Avoid from Bad Scheduling and How to Fix Them

Are you optimizing your calendar and scheduling habits for maximum productivity? Here are five common calendaring problems, and how to fix them.

  1. Relentless Scheduling Wars - You are exchanging multiple emails to negotiate meeting times; so many emails that meetings don’t get scheduled for months, or drop off entirely.
    Fix:  Send your guest a Scheduling Link with embedded meeting options and eliminate email back and forth entirely.
  2. Unwittingly Double Booking - You get double booked without even understanding how.
    Fix: Manage all your calendars - personal and professional -  in one calendar view so you can always be on top of all of your commitments.
  3. Running Late for Appointments - You’ve got the meetings on your calendar, but you underestimate travel time. Your calendar isn’t helping you get to where you need to be on time, every time.
    Fix: An integrated map view, built into your calendar,  lets you see where you need to be and automatically calculates and schedules event travel time.
  4. Group Scheduling Chaos - You dread scheduling your team meetings or off-sites because of the hassle in sorting through everyone’s availability to find the best time.
    Fix: Send a group poll to quickly and professionally find times that work for everyone.
  5. Experiencing Calendar Stress - Just looking at your calendar causes stress. You aren’t sure how to get control over your time so you can maximize productivity.
    Fix: Try Woven Calendar, a modern calendar that provides powerful scheduling tools - Woven Smart Templates, Scheduling Links and Group Polls -  all built into a smart collaborative calendar.

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